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An Afternoon with Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox

By 2 years ago

At this years Southwest Cannabis Conference we were privileged to welcome former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, as the keynote speaker. I wondered why someone who doesn’t consume cannabis would serve as an ambassador for the cause? We were invited to a media conference first where he covered our questions equally alongside Telemundo, CNN andFox […]

The Hash Facts of Life

By 2 years ago

The tradition of Hashish making dates back several thousand years to areas of the world where humans inhabited and have shared a special relationship with cannabis for many generations for its spiritual and healing properties. Hashish, as it is traditionally called, is a collection of ripe, glandular resin heads called “Trichomes.” These resin glands are […]

A Patient Perspective: Diabetes & Cannabis

By 2 years ago

Since the legalization of medicinal cannabis, I have become more comfortable with the notion of trying cannabis to alleviate the diabetic peripheral neuropathy in my left foot. My cannabis consuming friends of 10 years couldn’t believe their ears when I asked for help. I didn’t know anything about it other than it can help with […]

All Milligrams Are Not Created Equal

By 2 years ago

I’ve learned from experience that often, in the cannabis industry, consumers aren’t getting the best possible experience from the cannabis products they are purchasing. Now, I’m not saying that current patients are having bad experiences, quite the contrary. This is the best time in the history of our country to start or continue using cannabis. […]

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