The Hash Facts of Life

By 1 year ago

The tradition of Hashish making dates back several thousand years to areas of the world where humans inhabited and have shared a special relationship with cannabis for many generations for its spiritual and healing properties. Hashish, as it is traditionally called, is a collection of ripe, glandular resin heads called “Trichomes.” These resin glands are […]

All Milligrams Are Not Created Equal

By 1 year ago

I’ve learned from experience that often, in the cannabis industry, consumers aren’t getting the best possible experience from the cannabis products they are purchasing. Now, I’m not saying that current patients are having bad experiences, quite the contrary. This is the best time in the history of our country to start or continue using cannabis. […]

Arizona Medical Marijuana Patient Information

By 1 year ago

The following information was taken from the Arizona Health Department website. For more information regarding the Arizona Medical Marijuana program, please visit: Are You an Adult or Under 18? There are two types of Qualified Patients: Adult Patients and Patients Under the Age of 18. For patients under 18, the patient’s custodial parent or […]

Ask Your Lab: What Does a Pass & Non-Detect Really Mean?

By 2 years ago

Congratulations, your lab report just came back with a pass for pesticides. Time to celebrate, right? Well hold on just one minute; what does a pass really mean? In states with regulatory requirements for certain types of analytes, such as pesticides, a pass means that the value of the analyte was found by the testing […]