A Patient Perspective: Diabetes & Cannabis

By 1 year ago

Since the legalization of medicinal cannabis, I have become more comfortable with the notion of trying cannabis to alleviate the diabetic peripheral neuropathy in my left foot. My cannabis consuming friends of 10 years couldn’t believe their ears when I asked for help. I didn’t know anything about it other than it can help with […]

My Dirty Little Secret: Cannabis & True Crime

By 1 year ago

I have something I need to confess. We are all friends here, right? Here goes. I love smoking cannabis. Not only that, I love smoking cannabis and then listening to true crime podcasts. There, that’s it, my dirty secret. In my downtime, when I’m not being “mom” and I’m not at work I like to […]

The State of Cannabis with Demetri Downing

By 1 year ago

Demetri Downing is a best friend to Arizona’s Cannabis community and founder of the Southwest Cannabis Conference.  He’s our unlikely hero, a prosecutor turned cannabis ambassador, who firmly believes in the power of the cannabis plant to heal people.  He also believes in free enterprise and sound business strategy.  We sat down with him to […]

Addicted to Sober

By 2 years ago

Pothead parodies can be humorous but there is a fine line where ignorance needs to meet education. Since I began working in the medical marijuana industry I have blossomed a new respect for cannabis as medicine. The life changing side effects of medical marijuana have been revolutionary compared to what I was taught in grade […]